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MARCH 2018


“…you were slain, and with your blood you purchased for God
persons from every tribe and language and people and nation.” (Rev.5:9)

Dear Friend, 

Once Kenya was once known as the “white” man’s grave, as it has claimed the lives of more Protestant Missionaries than any other area of the world. The main cause was malaria and other diseases. Today, mainly because of AIDS, the average age is only 15 years. But it’s harvest time in Kenya. The majority of hearts are wide open to the Lord, who died for them. He is not wanting any of them to perish, but that all should come to repentance (2 Pet.3:9). That is why He has commanded us to proclaim the Good News of Salvation to every tribe and language and people and nation. By God’s grace, and through the support of His people, our National OAC Evangelists in 12 countries reached over 400,000 people with the Good News of salvation in 2017.

Carrying 3 bags and an attaché case all weighing a total of 160 pounds, I arrived in Nairobi. The bags had come for free on the flights, but I was wondering how much the duty would be on the equipment. It took one hour in line to buy the entry visa, so when I approached Customs it was nearly midnight. God had answered prayer… they had all gone home! In the morning my bags were squashed into a matatu (minibus), and after waiting until it was full, we sped off to Nanyuki where our OAC HQ is located. To be a bus driver in Kenya, I’m sure one requirement must be that you could qualify for the Indianapolis 500 Speedway! As a passenger, they certainly increase your prayer life.

While there are many churches in the cities, there are few, if any, in the interior. It’s to these unreached people that OAC Kenya goes, in partnership with churches. On this trip, our OAC Kenya staff evangelists (photo #8), two men from the Congo who had come to learn our methods, and I headed west for Bungoma, a town near Lake Victoria. We stayed in a hotel for $5 a night and ate for about the same cost each day. Although we slept under mosquito nets, Jacinta came down with malaria shortly after I left.

The Lord of the harvest made it possible for us to proclaim the gospel in one week to over 10,000 in the open air meetings and school assemblies. As we drove into each school, suddenly a student would see me and shout “Mzungu” (M-zun-gu), or “white man.” Immediately the students came running, some girls even dancing, and surrounded me, most having never seen a while foreigner before (photo 2). It was like I had just arrived from another planet. “Say something?” they called out. So, I would say, “How are you?” Back came the polite but loud response, “Very well, thank you, and how are you?” Their English was limited, so whenever I preached, Jacinta interpreted me into Swahili (photo 3). They had no fear of the white stranger, but came close to touch his skin and stroke his hair. Their big, beautiful eyes and perfect teeth formed huge smiles. None of them, or any of our staff, has ever had a cavity in their teeth.

From the youngest child in elementary school to the oldest in high school, all listened intently as we preached the pure gospel in school after school. Thousands of “Chick” tracts (comic form) in Swahili, donated by Chick publications, were given to the teachers to hand out in the classrooms so we didn’t cause a stampede. The teachers also wanted them.  After the message, the majority always prayed to ask for forgiveness and for Christ to be their Lord and Savior. Of course, even though we made this invitation as clear as possible, only God knows whose names are written in the Book of Life.

Soon other schools heard about our program and sent word for an assembly. We were unable to go to them all, but our evangelists will visit this area twice each year. A pastor who arranged everything and came with us, wanted to be trained. Now he is visiting schools and preaching the messages that I gave him on his own sketch board. The two brothers from the Congo also learned and want OAC to come to their country. We are asking God for His guidance and would appreciate prayer in this regard.

Night after night we held open air film meetings with crowds up to 1000 people (photos 4 & 5). Always we preached using the sketch board and black light, and people prayed out loud to receive Christ. We used the JESUS film in their language. They stood for over 2 hours as they took in the gospel. It looked like a scene from the Book of Acts. On the last night I preached on the Second Coming of Christ. As the message fell on open hearts, I wondered how much longer we have to do frontline evangelism before the end comes. While the door is wide open, we must take every opportunity to evangelize, so that every tribe, language and nation may hear the only way of salvation.


  • For Moses, Jacinta and Kamau, our OAC Kenya staff as they faithfully take the message of Christ to the unreached by faith (photo 8).
  • For the Congo, that the Lord may clearly show if He wants an OAC Branch to be established there. One of the Congo brothers could be our pioneer evangelist. This would require raising his support and buying a film vehicle the same as in Kenya.
  • For our church team that I am leading to northern India (March 15), and for the “daughter” church that is being planted. Our faithful pioneer pastor is called Subitra. Also, for many hundreds to gather in fields to hear the gospel without opposition. 
  • For Elaine, who is back doing what she loves…sub. teaching children in the church academy and Bible for all the 3 and 4-year-olds.
  • For God’s provision through His dear people for this faith ministry. Gifts to “Where Most Needed” go to the greatest need, which is usually in Kenya and India.

May the Lord abundantly bless you who are standing with us in this frontline ministry of evangelism. We can never thank you enough.

In His Unfailing Love,   

David & Elaine                                                        

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