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Sewing Schools for Poor Women in India Newsletter

April 2017 
Dear Friend,


We are deeply grateful for those of you who are supporting our Sewing Schools for poor women in India. We are required by the Government to help the poor, so have four schools with up to 100 students. Tuition is free, but the operating costs are met through donations from Christians abroad. The students are poor women who cannot break out of poverty without learning a special skill. Graduates from our schools receive a recognized certificate that open the doors for employment. Also, each day of class they learn to pray to the living God, sing Christian choruses, and hear Bible teaching. No one is forced to become a Christian, but some do place their faith in Christ and find eternal life. The following are some stories of these precious women, told by our staff.


In our institute this year there are about 22 students. They are in different languages …. English, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, and Telugu. We have two batches, in the morning and afternoon. Prayer is going very well. All the students accept the Bible lessons, and they are listening. In the month of December, 6 students accepted Jesus as Saviour. Three of them are S....., S..... and S...... They are from a very poor background having bad full-time drunken husbands. Also 4 students have taken baptism.

N...... is about 17 years. She doesn’t have a father or mother, so is staying in her auntie’s house. Her sisters and brothers depend on her, as she is the eldest. She is not educated, and is the only person to take care of the family members. She is a very poor girl, and at this young age, she suffers all the pain & sorrows for her family. Half of the day she spends in a house working as a maid servant. Then she is attending our classes in the afternoon batch. After that she is again going back to work as a maid to earn for her family. She feels only comfortable here at our school, and is a good learner and listener in the class. Only through this opportunity she feels that she has got some bright future, and Lord God has lighted a lamp in her life. She is very much thankful also to you for this institute. She accepted Jesus as her Saviour on 28/7/2016. She believes deeply, and has a new life. She is very good, and listens daily to the Bible lessons.

Another lady’s husband is full time drunkard, she is having two kids. She is suffering a lot to maintain her family. She also accepted Jesus Christ last month. Now she is regularly going to church. Her husband is hurting her a lot, and chased her from the house because she had been to church the same day. For two days and a night she was staying in my house. After that I had called her husband and solved her problem. Now he is allowing her to go to church. After facing so many problems, she did not leave Jesus. She is only believing more. She says “Jesus will be there for me, and I can face any problem. He will put everything in right way. He will find me a new path.” She learned stitching in a good way, and is now stitching clothes.

Because the tailoring institute is free, it is very, very helpful for everyone. The majority of students are without the support of their husbands. This institute for many families is the means of giving them their daily bread and their salvation.


S......  from a Hindu family, came to the institute. During this time her husband met with an accident. She was very disappointed because of this, but she kept coming to the institute because of the prayers here. She says it gives me hope to live. She also started reading the Bible, and goes to church sometimes. Kindly pray for her salvation as well as for her husband’s recovery.

K...... from a Hindu family, accepted Christ after coming to the institute. She used to come to the institute with her child who was not able to walk. During the devotion time she requested us to pray for her child and God did a miracle in her life. The child started to walk after this. She started to go to church, but her mother-in-law and elder brother opposed her going to church, because they believed it all happened because of their gods. She wants to start her own [sewing] business and support her family. She requested us to pray for this.

J....... belongs to a strong Hindu family, hated Christian people, and considers them as having a foreign God. She decided to join institute because it is free, but she was not happy during the devotion time. But after few months her attitude changed because of the charity work we do for the poor people. We told her it is all because of Jesus. Now she knows more about Christ, and we have given her a Bible. She is afraid to take the Bible home. She is much thankful to the people who made it possible for her to learn tailoring free of cost

K..... is a Hindu woman from poor family wanted to learn tailoring to support family, but everywhere she went to learn, it was very expensive and she could not afford it. She came to know about our institute and joined. She says I could learn many things from this institute beyond my expectation completely free.  Also, the moral teaching from the Bible was a great help, so she started to read Bible. She is very much grateful to the people who spend their money to help the poor people of India. 

S..... comes from a Hindu family, due to some problem she got divorced. She has two kids. No one was there to take care of her. She thought of committing suicide many times, but some of our old students told her about our institute. She started coming to the institute, and enjoyed the devotions and fellowship. She accepted Christ as her Saviour. She goes to church, and wants to start her own [sewing] business to help her kids. 

S...... is from a Hindu background (23), accepted Christ after coming to the institute. Her husband is an alcoholic, and a very strong Hindu. Her husband wants to divorce her because she is barren. She is believing in Jesus to have miracle in her life. Kindly pray for her.


C..... has a Hindu background. Her father divorced his wife when Chandana was in high school. Then she saw our signboard and came to our Tailoring School. She is now interested to know more about Christ, and is going to church with our teacher.


R......, also from Hindu family. Now she is believing in Christ, and also going to church services with our teacher.

Thank you for this Tailoring school. You are supporting the poor and needy people in India. This is a special way to reach the unreached in India. 

*   *   *   *   *   *

The cost for each student averages out to be about $15 per month. This includes cloth, thread, electricity, rent, machine maintenance, teacher’s salary, drinking water, etc. The results are priceless … changed lives, and for some, changed eternal destinies. All the women will never forget what they learned at our schools… that Christians made it possible for them to learn to sew… that Christ made it possible for them to have salvation through faith in Him.

If you would like to help support these women, you may make your check out to Worldwide Proclamation, and designate it for our INDIA SEWING SCHOOLS.

You will receive a tax-deductible receipt.

May the Lord bless you abundantly for bringing hope to these precious souls who have no hope.

In Christ,

David Wilson  

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