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Assam: Upen, Rajib & Jeplin

OAC Staff: Jeplin, Rajib, Rupa (Sewing School), and Upen (Director)

Assam is a state in N.E. India. With a population of over 27 million, 65% are Hindus, 31% Muslims, and 3% Christian. One of the main exports is tea, and OAC has held outreaches on these Tea Estates with the many migrant laborers.

Our three evangelists are Assamese, and with the OAC Jeep travel all over Assam, even near the China border. To reach some of the remote villages, the film equipment and generator have to be carried in by hand. Most of the people come to watch a Biblical film in their language, and listen intently to our evangelist proclaiming the message of Christ. Most, sometimes all, have never heard the way of salvation before.

People of all ages are responding to Christ, churches have been planted by pastors, and hundreds are studying the Bible through our free correspondence courses.

A free Sewing School for poor women has up to 25 students each year, and  graduates are then qualified to be employed, or start their own little business. Some come to faith in Christ through the daily devotions.
    People of Majuli watch a film on Christ, and hear                           Open hearts to the good news of salvation.
the Gospel preached. A small local church participates.
     A monument to two martyres who were the first to
 believe in Christ in this area, where we now evangelize.

The OAC Jeep crosses over to Majuli, a large river                                                          A film meeting
                  island of over 100,000 people.
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