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West Bengal: Bolo, Raju & Biswanath

OAC evangelists: Raju, Bolo (Director) and Biswanath

Bordering Bangladesh, which used to be East Bengal, the 82 million population is made up of 75% Hindu, 23% Muslim, and 0.6% Christian. It was to the Bengalis that William Carey came just over 200 years ago, and he was greatly used in translating the Bible into Bengali, which is what we use today. Still much evangelism needs to be done.

Our evangelist are from West Bengal, and speak several languages, and minister in the north east near Nepal. Much of their ministry is in the tea tree estates, where many pickers come from neighboring Nepal. Crowds of up to 1000 gather in the evening to watch the Christian film and to listen to the gospel preached as it is illustrated on a sketch board. Churches have been planted from these and village meetings, which are done in partnership with local pastors. Open air meeting in Nepal have been very successful with a church planting missionary.

A Sewing School for poor women has seen many graduates, who can then find employment. Some have to faith in Christ.
                              Tea tree pickers                                                            Children attentively listening to the message
         Decision books for those seeking Christ                                                      Working with the Church
                     A group of believers from an                                      An open air meeting in Nepal, now open to the gospel
         open air meeting last year came to help.
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